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Welcome to the revamped Personnel Database Wikia belonging to the Roblox SCP Foundation group. You may use this database for your own personal reference, research, roleplay, and tale writing.

This database will only contain personnel files and lists. For tales and incidents, please go to this Wikia's counterpart, Tales and Incidents.

The following database is an elaborate system of data containing the personnel files of players within the SCP Foundation as well as NPCs from their tales. We encourage you to contribute by adding your own personnel file as well as any NPCs you may have introduced in your own writing.

This is a revamped version of two old Wikias. We're currently transferring and editing old personnel files found on these pages in an attempt to create a more organized and more complete database of files. If your file was added to our new Wikia and you wish for it to be removed or you wish to rewrite it, please do not hesitate to notify us.

More guidelines will be posted at a later time.

Currently under construction... 3/13/17 - ██/██/██.

FULL PERSONNEL LIST - Updated Regularly.

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