NAME: Dr. ████ Parkswood

SCP Transparent



Dr. Parkswood, ██ days before termination.


AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Researcher

LOCATION(S): ██████

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-██, Area-██, Site-██

STATUS: Terminated


HISTORY: Dr. Parkswood was born to a family who had ties to the SCP Foundation, and found himself employed under the Foundation for his parent's work. With the moral support of his closest friends, [DATA EXPUNGED BY REQUEST OF DR. ████ ], Dr. Parkswood became a Researcher at Level-2 clearance, where he would be noted as an exceptional man of science.

As his career slowed, Parkswood was noted to exhibit unnatural behavior, weeks and months after the deaths of his close associates, Dr. W█████, Dr. H█████ and Dr. ██████. He was observed stalking personnel such as Dr. Sutman and Dr. Colms while they attempted to preform their duties. Many reports were filed and eventually he was documented for the deterioration of his mental and physical state.

His termination occurred on ██/██/████, after the assult of Mr. █████ and an erratic breakdown in the Site-██ cafeteria. [See Incident Log 81-C].

PROFILE: Dr. Parkswood, an eccentric individual, worked alongside the likes of Dr. W█████ and Dr. M██████. Days before his termination, he claimed to be from an alien planet known as "█████", following a supposed 'dimensional invasion'. As a Researcher, he was intensely set and obsessed with any anomaly that was remotely other-worldly.

Former friends of Parkswood claim this is because of his experience on SCP-455, where he had claimed to 'remember everything' upon leaving the anomaly alive.


NOTES: Dr. Parkswood was set to undergo extensive mental and physical documentation, but was terminated before research on Parkswood was conducted.