NAME: Dr. ████ Colms


Outfit 44-51037130

Dr. ████ Colms / ██/█/████


AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Former Scientific Department Director

LOCATION(S): Site-79, Site-24-2, Area-72

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2, Area-██, Site-24, Site-95, Site-██

STATUS: Retired


HISTORY: Dr. Colms and his two siblings were recruited into the Foundation on ██/█/████. He was recognized soley for his acedemic success at the time and was immediately placed into the Scientific Department. Excelling not only in research but in hands on experiences such as expeditions as well, he quickly rose to the top of the department and became one of the most well known researchers in the entirety of the Foundation.

It was around this time that Dr. Colms founded his first ever research team, Campana-1. This team attempted to study the severity, longevity, and conditions of SCP-513. Many groundbreaking discoveries were made on this front and Dr. Colms was rewarded with a Head Researcher position. This position would later develop into his directorship of the department.

To the shock of the committee who elected Dr. Colms elegible to work within the Foundation, he also has proceeded to join department's such as Security. Surprisingly, he excelled in these work conditions as well and eventually achieved his Security Council position under the directorship of Agent Soni.

These many achievements allowed Dr. Colms to stand out and in time would develop into his position as an administrative staff member. Unlike many other members of the Foundation's staff, Dr. Colms has lived through an extensive amount of conflicts and containment breaches. This includes two assasination attempts directed upon him by Chaos Insurgents. Due to this, Dr. Colms has witnessed the deaths of over twenty-five of his colleagues including his close friend, Dr. Klacoi. This is the presumed cause of his social disorders.

PROFILE: Dr. Colms has been in the foundation at this time, for ██ years. It is recorded that Dr. Colms has been actively on site during seventeen containment breaches. Dr. Colms medical records indicate small amounts of mental trauma. Dr. Colms has witnessed the death of several personnel during these incidents, including Dr. ██████, Dr. Klacoi, and Dr.████████.

Dr. Colms younger brother and sister, Mr. ██████ Colms and Dr. ████ Colms have also obtained jobs within the foundation. They are both currently active at Site-██. Dr. Colms is currently leading Research Team Campana-1. Research Team Campana-1 is currently not undergoing tests. Experiments will begin on the date ██/█/████.


NOTES: Dr. Colms continues to show signs of mental trauma. Minorly erratic behavior, and lack of emotion are to be considered usual.

Dr. Colms has revealed an extensive case of arachnophobia. He has requested never to come in contact with SCP-1006.

If Dr. Colms expresses any out of usual actions please do not involve other site staff. Dr. Colms siblings are both currently active at Site-██ and can talk to him if nessecary.