SCP Transparent

NAME: Agent ████ Blind



AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Security Guard


PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40-2, Area-94, Site-92, Area-72

STATUS: Retired


HISTORY: ██ Blind was born in ██████, Russia. He notably experienced a certain level of childhood abusive. He ran away multiple times during his early childhood. During this time frame, he developed somewhat of a criminal record. Dr. ███████ became the guardian of Agent Blind on the date █/██/ ████ and raised him for his mid-childhood to adulthood. He learned how to speak English throughout the time he was raised. He was recruited on the date █/██/ ████, already possessing minor amounts of knowledge regarding the Foundation from his guardian's positions.

PROFILE: Agent Blind is a Level 2 personnel with the age of ██. He is employed within the Security Department as a guard. However, it has been noted that Agent Blind shows difficulty working amongst others.


NOTES: Agent Blind used to go by Dr. Blind before transferred from the Scientific Department to the Security Department at Level-2.

Agent Blind only does teamwork when he has to.Blind most likely has anti-social behavior from the abuse he had in his early childhood.

He has an addiction to caffeine.

Agent Blind is blind in his left eye.

His guardian was referred to as Dr. ███████.